Texas Society Children of the American Revolution

2024-2025 State Project

"Blazing Trails Through Texas History"

For 2024-2025, members of T.S.C.A.R. will have the opportunity to delve into the history of the Chisholm Trail.  This iconic trail played a crucial role in shaping our state in the late 19th century and forming the nation’s view of the west.

Following the Civil War, Jesse Chisholm, a half Cherokee, became a trader and established a trade route from north Texas, through Indian Territory, and into Kansas.  Cattle ranchers soon began using the trail to drive cattle north.  Eventually, the Chisholm Trail would stretch 1,000 miles from southern Texas into Kansas.

The Chisholm Trail holds immense historical significance as a symbol of westward expansion, economic development, and cultural exchange in the United States.  By studying the trail, members of T.S.C.A.R. will gain valuable insights into the complexities of American history and the enduring legacy of the frontier experience.

         The 2024-2025 project beneficiary is The Chisholm Trail Outdoor Museum in Cleburne, Texas.  Located on Highway 67, just west of Cleburne, the museum now possesses the largest known collection of Chisholm Trail memorabilia in the world.  In addition to its dedicated Chisholm Trail exhibit, the property is also home to the original Johnson County Courthouse (the oldest courthouse in Texas), a working blacksmith shop, a Native American museum, and more.  Funds raised will be used to purchase improved signage at the entrance of the museum along Highway 67.  This will aid visitors who plan to visit the museum to better locate the entrance, as well as help to draw in drive by traffic.  

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