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2022-2023 "Ready and Forward"

The 2022-2023 T.S.C.A.R. Project recognizes an American legacy. It honors the significant valor, patriotism, and decades of service of the Buffalo Soldiers, while expanding educational opportunities offered through the Buffalo Soldier National Museum. 

Founded in Houston, in 2001 by U.S. Army Veteran and historian, Capt. Paul J. Matthews, the museum tells the story of the Buffalo Soldiers and the important history of African Americans in the U.S. Military. With the vision to extend public knowledge, the museum preserves, promotes, and perpetuates the history and traditions of the Buffalo Soldiers. Through performing and visual arts, educational programming, and exhibitions, the museum displays the Buffalo Soldiers valuable defense of America.

2021-2022 "Honoring Our Texas Lady"

Lady Bird Johnson wanted to improve the quality of life for others. She brilliantly used her national platform to illuminate the importance of racial acceptance and Civil Rights. She co-founded Project Head Start to assist underserved children, and she laid groundwork for the modern environmental movement by addressing more than 300 conservation measures passed into law during the Johnson Administration.

“Honoring our Texas Lady” seeks to teach about Mrs. Johnson’s life and lead by her example, motivating acts of kindness… whether the acts assist underserved citizens, provide to military-veteran community, show respect for diversity, or improve the environment. The goal is to make your community a better place – leave it better than you found it.

To further honor the legacy of Lady Bird Johnson, the 2021-2022 State Project benefited the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Community Partnership Program, which reduces fees for underserved youth and their families.

2020-2021 "Salute the Women in Flight"

The National WASP WWII Museum located in Sweetwater, TX, tells the story of 1074 young women who overcame personal and social barriers to become the first women pilots. They were integral to the U.S. flight program during World War II, yet were not given full military status until 33 years after they served their country. Texas Members partnered with National WASP WWII Museum to provide four interactive learning stations for youth museum visitors.

2019-2020 "Come On, Texas!"

Texas Members partnered with The Battleship Texas Foundation to provide audio wands for use during self-guided tours. With Battleship Texas currently in dry dock for restoration, The Foundation is preparing for its relocation and re-grand opening that will bring thousands of visitors. The wands allow guests to learn details about the oldest capital ship remaining in the U.S. Navy. Commissioned in 1914, Battleship Texas served in both World War I and World War II.

Texas Society has adopted its battle cry, “Come On, Texas!” 

2018-2019 "Declaring Our Texas Independence"

Fifty-nine delegates drafted and signed the Texas Declaration of Independence at Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site’s Independence Hall. Texas Society honored the signers’ resilient spirit and dedication to Texas freedom by providing a permanent Signers’ Wall on the glass entrance between the Visitor Center and Independence Hall. T.S.C.A.R. has partnered with Washington on the Brazos State Park Association for this project.

2017-2018 "Ensuring Language for All"

T.S.C.A.R. partnered with the Texas School for the Deaf Foundation to raise funds for the ASL Storytelling program. The goal for the program is to teach literacy and language learning skills to deaf and hard of hearing students, by selecting children’s books, and interpreting them into American Sign Language. Funds raised supported the production of a new ASL Storytelling video for the online library and the provision of video conferencing equipment to schools across the state of Texas for ongoing live storytelling sessions.

2016-2017 "Our Roots Go Deep"

Funds were raised for a beautification project at the Texas State Cemetery, to include the placement of a Texas C.A.R. dedicated park bench and the planting of a tree near the site of the TXDAR Patriot Monument, with additional funds designated for use by the cemetery for future beautification projects.

2015-2016 "Unleashing Potential"

T.S.C.A.R. partnered with Patriot Paws of Rowlett, TX, an organization that trains service dogs to provide comfort and care to veterans.  Each year many veterans come home from their tours of duty with both physical and emotional injuries.  To help them become independent Patriot Paws trains service dogs to help veterans readjust to every day life.

2014-2015 "Prosperity Through Education"

T.S.C.A.R. raised funds for the Lorane Bacone Working Learning Community at Bacone College in Muskogee, Oklahoma.  Funds raised will assist custody and tribal custody youth aging out of the foster care system to earn a college degree.

2013-2014 "Building the Lone Star State"

T.S.C.A.R. partnered with the Museum of the American Railroad in Frisco, TX, to raise funds for the restoration of the historic Houston and Texas Central Railway depot.

2012-2013 "USS Lexington: Honoring the Unsinkable"

T.S.C.A.R. raised funds for the restoration and refurbishment of the flag bridge of the USS Lexington CV-16 to contribute to having it re-opened, so future generations may learn of her service to our country.

2011-2012 "Discover Texas Pathways"

T.S.C.A.R. raised funds for the Texas Parks and Wildlife program called “Texas Outdoor Family.”  This program teaches families the basic outdoor skills needed to enjoy a great overnight camping experience.  Funds raised would be used for scholarship opportunities for families and/or equipment needed for this program.  The idea of this program is to get the children of the state outside and especially into the Texas.

2010-2011 "Preserving Our Freedom"

T.S.C.A.R. raised funds to provide barrack bags to reserve soldiers being processed at Ft. Hood through the Texas Military Family Foundation.

2009-2010 "Reflections of German Heritage"

T.S.C.A.R. partnered with the German-Texan Heritage Society Museum's library in Austin to help preserve historical documents by raising funds to purchase archive storage materials.  German immigrants are one of the largest groups of people to consistantly migrate into the state, influencing Texas Heritage.

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