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Registration Closed at 10 p.m. on May 8. No late registration available.

Links to video conferencing will be sent to each registered email of participants for that meeting. Please pre-register for each meeting to receive the unique link to access the session.

Virtual State Conference Information Packet

2019 Proposed Bylaws and Standing Rules Amendments


Goal: Recognize winners of all contests!!!

  • When completing your certificate, please state the contest like, “Best Program – World War I,” and office or committee i.e., “State Organizing Secretary” or “American Heritage Committee.”
  • Original signatures are preferred. However, you may type names in those fields.
  • Not attending state conference? Please print and mail to Duke and Duchess at least one week prior. Prefer 81/2 x 11″ white card stock paper.
  • Attending? Please bring completed certificates with you OR you can fill it out there.
  • Find the Duke and Duchess to pickup your certificate envelope.
  • Most Important: Follow all instructions given by Duke and Duchess.
  • Example:

First Place Certificate

Second Place Certificate

Third Place Certificate

Outstanding Achievement Certificate