Patriot Paws trains service dogs to provide comfort and care to veterans who have been wounded both physically and mentally. Each year, many vets come home from their tours of duty with both physical and emotional injuries. To help them become independent once again, Patriot Paws trains service dogs to help veterans readjust to everyday life. Founded less than 10 years ago, they have more than 30 dogs graduate from their two-year training program each year, and they are expanding quickly. Any veteran with a service-related disability may apply for a dog, and all dogs are given free of charge. After a veteran’s application for a dog is accepted, they are matched with a puppy even before the dog’s training begins.

Once a veteran receives his service dog, the veteran’s life changes forever. These dogs are life-long companions who accompany the veteran everywhere he go. Naturally intelligent and carefully trained, these dogs can perform tasks as “simple” as opening doors or as complex as bringing their owners a phone during an emergency. Beyond assisting their owners with daily chores, these dogs are trained to mitigate the symptoms of PTSD. Years of training combined with a high natural intelligence create a partner that provides the support, comfort, and protection our disabled veterans need.