2020 National Project

National Theme: Support Our Brave and Noble Patriots

“Support Our Brave and Noble Patriots” is inspired by a line in our C.A.R. Song, which was written in 1928 and continues to represent C.A.R.’s ideals of patriotism and support for our veterans.

The National Society will be partnering with Pets for Vets, a 501(c)(3) organization, to raise funds to place companion animals with veterans, many of which are experiencing PTSD. The animals are adopted and trained through donations, and each companion animal is highly trained to best meet the veteran’s needs.

Pets for Vets assists in the veterans fight against PTSD through building a safety net with the animal, creating connections, and overcoming trauma. Veterans apply for an animal through Pets for Vets and go through an interview process to match the veterans with an animal. Animals are then selected from the shelter specifically for each individual veteran and are trained before being placed with the veteran. Through this process, Pets for Vets helps to save pets from shelters, as well as provides veterans with the companions and support they need.

Through this year’s National Theme and Project, C.A.R. members are encouraged to give back to those who have served our nation and Support Our Brave and Noble Patriots.

For more information about Pets For Vets, please visit their web site.