2019 National Project

National Theme: Foundations of Freedom

Foundations of Freedom strives to connect history and leadership by:

  • Raising funds to reproduce the Washington Family Desk from Ferry Farm, George Washington’s boyhood home. Augustine Washington moved his family to Ferry Farm, near Fredericksburg, when son George was six years old. Augustine died five years later and George’s mother, Mary Ball Washington, maintained the family farm. There she taught the children moral and civil behavior – honesty, dignity, integrity, dogged determination and self-confidence. This shaped George Washington as a leader.
  • Joining the George Washington Foundation to support development of Ferry Farm’s web-based educational initiatives for students. The website will carry the lessons of young George’s upbringing to learn his foundations of citizenship and provide insight into growing up in colonial times.
  • Exhibiting leadership growth opportunities through N.S.C.A.R. that will last members through their lifetime.

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